‘Figure Emerging from Pool’ at the the Narrow Space gallery in Clonmel, Ireland.

Patrick Morrison traces his fascination with painting back to his childhood in Cork. At the age of 11 he and his family moved to London,
where his inevitable providence was temporarily diverted by a number of years of international significance as an athlete. His athletic career
came to an abrupt end however, and a move to California to take up a scholarship at Stanford University was the beginning of a life-long
commitment to painting. His work now belongs in the collections of Sir Ben Kingsley, Nick Nolte, Faye Dunaway, Dennis Hopper,
Mick Jagger, George Lucas and Dwight Yoakam, among others.

Morrison says of his work that “raised as I was like everyone else on cinema and pop music, painting seems to be a mysterious
and fugitive pursuit that took place beyond the periphery of culture. I revel in the fact that in this age of miraculous
technological innovation, the painter armed with his paint and brushes, can engage in the same solitary
drama as that engaged in by kindred souls all down the ages and back to the caves.”
The Narrow Space Gallery

“Brilliant is a word you’d have to use describing Patrick Morrison’s
paintings…God’s creation with the colour turned up. In rainy, cloudy
Dublin, his nude and garden paintings keep me warm.”

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